Hands Stretching


Type: Low intensity cardio
What you need: Whatever you prefer! Treadmill/Elliptical/Bicycle/Outdoor walk+jog/Stationary bike/Rower/Jump rope/Roller blades/Dancing/the choices are endless!
Suggested time: Late afternoon/early evening
Total time: 15-20 minutes

Gentle movement in the form of low intensity cardio is perfect at this point in your cycle. It is excellent for getting the blood pumping and reducing stress and inflammation (a major cause of PMS!) without over doing it. Bonus points if you’re able to do it outside!


- Keep a comfortable, steady pace for 15-20 minutes
- You should be able to hold a conversation throughout




Type: Yoga / Stretching / Mobility
What you need: A mat
Suggested time: Late afternoon/early evening
Total time:
- 3 or 4 rounds: 24 - 32 minutes
- Hold each pose for 1 MINUTE
- Cycle through this sequence 3 or 4 TIMES

Yoga is such a great way to get in gentle and supportive movement when your energy is likely low without over stressing the body.
I specifically chose these poses because they get the blood flowing to the areas of the body that are most commonly affected by PMS. They will also improve digestion, ease cramps, headaches, anxiety and other common PMS related symptoms.
* Feel free to use this workout more than once during your menstrual phase

Minute 1:   Childs pose (walk hands left and right)
Minute 2:  Cat cow
Minute 3:   Reclining pigeon RIGHT
Minute 4:   Reclining pigeon LEFT
Minute 5:  Straddle
Minute 6: Supported bridge
Minute 7:  Roly poly
Minute 8: Corpse pose

^ Complete sequence 3 or 4 times through ^


Type: Total body – Band workout
What you need: Light/medium/heavy bands - choose resistance according to how you feel
Suggested time: Mid-day
Total time:
- 25 minutes
- Complete 3 rounds of the below circuit depending on how you feel

Low intensity strength using the bands is perfect at this point in your cycle. It is excellent for activating certain muscle groups and preparing them for what’s to come over the next couple of phases without over doing it.


- 12 Banded 4 point kick ups LEFT
- 12 Banded 4 point kick ups RIGHT
- 20 Band pull aparts (put band around wrists with arms straight out in front and pull out)
- 12 Banded walks to the LEFT
- 12 Banded walks to the RIGHT
- 12 High plank step outs with band around ankles
- 12 Banded glute bridges with abduction at top (band above the knees)

^ Complete 3x through ^



Type: Total body circuit - Moderate strength + moderate cardio
What you need: Medium weights
Suggested time: Late afternoon/early evening
Total time:
- 2 or 3 rounds: 24 or 36 minutes total
- Cycle through this circuit 2 or 3 times depending on your energy levels

This workout is perfect for the end of your menstrual phase when your energy levels begin to pick up. It will get the heart rate and muscles going a bit more than the others in this menstrual series without overtaxing the body.

Minute 1:
Bent over underhand grip rows
Minute 2: Hammer curls
Minute 3: Chest press with 1/2 pulse
Minute 4: Rest for 1 minute

Minute 5:
Weighted squat pulses (slow and controlled)
Minute 6: Bulgarian split squat (no weight - switch legs at half)
Minute 7: Ice skaters
Minute 8: Rest for 1 minute

Minute 9:
Alternating bird dogs
Minute 10: Suitcase crunches
Minute 11: Mountain climbers
Minute 12: Rest for 1 minute

^ Complete entire circuit 2 or 3 times through ^