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Hands Stretching


Type: Yoga / Mobility / Stretching
What you need: A mat
Suggested time: Late afternoon/early evening
Total time:
- 1 or 2 rounds: 16 or 32 minutes
- Hold each pose for 2 MINUTES
- Cycle through this sequence 2 TIMES



While the menstrual phase is a great time *hormonally speaking* to get in a great workout - in my personal experience and through working with women, during the beginning days of this phase, energy and motivation to hit it hard are commonly low.
Rather than forcing a more intense workout just because hormones might be in a good place to handle it, I've found it much more productive to program gentle and supportive movement early on.

These specific poses will get the blood flowing to the organs that are most commonly affected by PMS, improve digestion, and ease possible cramps, headaches, anxiety & other common PMS related symptoms.

This session is designed to give you energy rather than take from it, and set you up for success to continue on with your workouts all month long!
* Feel free to use this workout more than once duri
ng your menstrual phase if you need to

Minute 0-2: Childs pose
Minute 2- 4: Sumo squat stretch
Minute 4-6: Reclining bound angle
Minute 6-8: Reclining pigeon RIGHT
Minute 8-10: Reclining pigeon LEFT
Minute 10-12: Straddle
Minute 12-14: Seated forward fold
Minute 14-16: Corpse pose

^ Complete sequence 1 or 2 times through ^


Type: Total body – Strength
What you need: Light/Medium weights + Resistance bands
Suggested time: Late afternoon
Total time:
- 3 rounds: 21 minutes total
- Cycle through this circuit 3 TIMES 

Energy levels commonly begin to rise as you make it through your menstrual phase. Gradually increasing the intensity of your workouts by adding in muscle activation with light or medium weights (whatever feels good to you at this time) is perfect for workout 2!

EMOM (every minute on the minute) Total Body Strength
- 1 minute per move
- Complete the designated # of reps for each move within the minute
- Any time left over in the minute is used for rest

Minute 1:  12 Alternating forward lunges
Minute 2:  8 Hand release push ups
Minute 3:  10 High plank step outs
Minute 4: 12 Glute bridges
Minute 5:  10 Skull crushers
Minute 6:  10 Cross body crunches
Minute 7:  REST

^ Complete entire circuit 3 times through ^ 


Type: Light cardio - or a walk
What you need: Whatever you prefer! 

Suggested time: Late afternoon/early evening
Total time: 20 minutes


Your metabolism is nearing one of it's slowest points in your cycle which is why cardio is perfect at this time.

It'll get the heart rate up, get the blood pumping, reduce stress and inflammation, and re-introduce your body to some intensity after a slow luteal phase without pushing it too much just yet.

It's all in preparation for what's to come :)

Bonus points if you’re able to do it outside!


- Keep a comfortable, steady pace for 20 minutes



Type: Total body circuit – Bodyweight strength
What you need: A mat
Suggested time: Late afternoon/early evening
Total time:
- 3 rounds: 30 minutes total
- Cycle through this circuit 3 times


At the end of your menstrual phase, it's common for energy levels to be higher and more stable. Plus your body has a great ability to withstand stress at this time. Because of this, we are increasing the intensity in menstrual workout #4. The intent is to get your heart rate up and muscles working, prepping you for what's to come over the next couple of weeks!

- 12 Alternating side lunges (no weight)
- 12 Suitcase crunches
- 16 Swimmers

Rest for 1 minute

- 8 Lying leg lifts
- 10 Triceps dips
- 12 Alternating reverse lunges

Rest for 1 minute

- 12 Prisoner squats
- 12 Incline push ups
- 16 Mountain climbers (L + R = 1)

Rest for 1 minute

^ Complete entire circuit 3 times through ^ 



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